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Infrasonic Sound: The Black Noise Kinship of David Bowie and William S Burroughs

February 01 2023

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January 22 2023

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January 14 2023

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January 10 2023

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January 02 2023

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December 29 2022

The Expansive Multiverse of Son Lux and ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

December 29 2022

Holiday Music Revisited: Different Reinterpretations of Christmas Classics

December 25 2022

Obscure Festive Film Scores that Crackle Along Like Chestnuts on an Open Fire

December 17 2022

Gifts For The Music Lover In Your Life

December 12 2022

Lo-Fi Listening: Chill to ‘Planet Zoo: Sounds Of Summer’ by JJ Ipsen

December 11 2022

Got a Catchy Song Stuck in Your Head? Here’s Why Earworms Happen

December 08 2022

Beyond Silence: The Power of Music and Vibrations for Deaf People

December 01 2022

Arctic Apocalypse: Listening to the Hyperobject with Vladislav Delay

November 27 2022

Naviar Records: Bridging Haiku Poetry and Music

November 23 2022

Artivism: The Artists and Artwork Fighting for Social Change

November 19 2022

Scoring ‘The Sandman’ Dream World with Composer David Buckley

November 08 2022

‘Weird Sensation Feels Good’: Step into the Peculiar World of ASMR

November 04 2022

Macabre Music: 6 Unsung Heroes of Horror Film Scores

October 24 2022

Exploring the Melancholic Autumn Atmosphere Through Sound and Music

October 21 2022

The Digital Tribe: How Artistes Can Use Discord to Build Their Fanbase

October 18 2022

Soundscapes & Gaming: A Look into the Evolution of Video Game Music

October 11 2022

Dialing in the Horror with Mark Korven’s Score for The Black Phone

October 04 2022

Romance isn’t Just about Love: 5 French Films to Add to Your Watchlist

September 29 2022

Otherworldly Music: How Humans are Collecting Sounds from Space

September 24 2022

'I Was A Simple Man': Alex Zhang Hungtai, Pierre Guerineau Score for Simplicity

September 20 2022

Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

September 08 2022

Unknown Soundscapes: An Introduction to 20th Century Avant-Garde Music

September 05 2022

Clubbing in the Metaverse: The New Frontier of Live Music and Virtual Reality

August 26 2022

Musical Duo The Newton Brothers Hit a Chilling Note With ‘Midnight Mass’

August 13 2022

"70% of Albums Will Be Released in NFT form": NFTS Are Changing the Music Industry

August 09 2022

The Landscape Series Rethinks Sound’s Relationship To The Land

July 30 2022

UFOs, Theremins and Black Holes: A Listen into Sci-Fi Film Music

July 21 2022

10 Young Photographers to Keep an Eye On

July 13 2022

10 Unforgettable Film Scores of the 21st Century

July 08 2022

The Synth Wizards Behind The Stranger Things Score

June 10 2022

For Better Mental Health, Make a Trip to Your Nearest Art Gallery

May 22 2022

Orchestrating Fantasy: James Newton Howard’s Fantastic Beasts

May 15 2022

A History of Sci-Fi Film Scores

May 05 2022

Sound of Literature: 15 Books For Music Lovers

May 01 2022

6 Film Scores & Soundtracks to Listen For In 2022

April 23 2022

Cosmo Sheldrake: Collaborating With Nature

April 19 2022