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100 Years of Drumming: The Evolution of The Most Neglected Musical Instrument

November 18 2022

Meet DannyLux, the Singer who Infused Classic Rock with Mexican Corrido

January 11 2023

From Chris Martin to Grimes, the Musicians You Probably Didn't Know are Deaf

December 30 2022

10 Modern Jazz Artistes Reinventing the Scene and Shaping the Genre’s Future

December 23 2022

Musicians, Albums and Songs of the 2010s that Sparked A Psychedelic Revolution

December 15 2022

Abstract Sonic Art: Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Notable Experimental Electronic Collabs

December 13 2022

Sounds That Made Me | What Do Jazz & ADHD Have in Common?

November 29 2022

Sounds That Made Me | The Greatest Song from Liverpool

November 22 2022

Sounds That Made Me | Composing Scores for Earth and Beyond

November 15 2022

Getting ‘Under The Skin’ of Mica Levi’s Breakthrough Film Score

November 12 2022

Sound Makers | How Haroon Mirza Creates Art from Waveforms

November 08 2022

Sound Makers | Brigitte Hart Hears the Stories of the River Thames

November 01 2022

Sound Makers | DJ Shy One and the Obsession for Sounds

October 25 2022

Intimate, Tender, Violent: The Larger than Life Paintings of Marlene Dumas

October 10 2022

Nicholas Dallwitz on Making Music Inspired by Nature as Florigenix

September 16 2022

Repurposing and Reimagining: A Look into the Music of Max Richter

September 01 2022

Japanese Breakfast Frontwoman Michelle Zauner Is A Psychedelic Pop Princess

August 12 2022

The Maestro: Paying Respect to the Scores of Ennio Morricone

August 05 2022

An Artist Born From the Pandemic | Test Card Girl

July 26 2022

Is There Anything Like Psychedelic Hyper-Rap? | SIBZ

July 24 2022

Alexandra Gallagher On The Reaches of Modern Feminist Art

July 23 2022

When Neo-Soul Vibes Meet Environmental Activism | Mali Hayes

July 21 2022

Exploring the Depths of (Dirty) Cinematic Electronica | Dirty Freud

July 18 2022

Spotlighting the Underrepresented | Sam Malik

July 16 2022

Classical Piano, Digital Animation, and Societal Purpose | E-da-nee NG

July 13 2022

Hypnotic Afro-Caribbean Sounds Meet Manchester’s Underground Club Scene | Obeka

July 10 2022

20 Years in The Making: Sound Artist Iván Llopis’ Original Soundscapes

July 09 2022

Blending Poetry, Music, and Relentless Passion | Bitez

July 07 2022

Empowering the Creatives of Manchester with MIF Sounds

July 05 2022

Sonic and Visual Therapy Through Technology and Art with NONOTAK

July 03 2022

Feminist Illustrators Then & Now

June 17 2022

Creating New Worlds with Polymath Alice Bucknell

June 11 2022

Simone Giertz on Becoming the Internet’s Queen of Inventions

May 21 2022