Behind the Songs

Every album holds a unique story, a timestamp of a musicians’ life. Here, we’re invited on an intimate tour through the entirety of a project, discovering the narratives and process behind each track.

Contemporary orchestral collective s t a r g a z e shares the story behind each song on their incredible album ‘One’.

Brussels singer-songwriter Adja debuts with her ‘Ironeye’ EP, as she explores what “spirituality” means with her music.

Canadian electronic-pop duo Junior Boys return with their sixth album ‘Waiting Game’, which reflects on the world's beauty.

Swiss-Turkish DJ and musician Mehmet Aslan breaks down his debut album ‘The Sun Is Parallel’ in search of universality.

Mansur Brown’s new mixtape connects many musical dots in pursuit of purity. Join the Brixton polymath on a journey of self-discovery with ‘NAQI’.