Women in Sound

This International Women's Day, we’re celebrating the achievements and future of women in sound. From female contemporary and sound artists making an entrance, film composers trailblazing in their industry, producers defining the future of a genre and more, their stories are endless.

Score composition has always been a male dominated industry, yet a small number of women have bucked the trend.

Never a dull moment in the art world! Meet the eleven emerging female contemporary artists on our radar for 2023.

Learn more about the history of electronic music and the female artistes who are defining the sound of today and tomorrow.

From sculpture to body art, Hannah Wilke stimulated discussion on the male gaze and sexual objectification of women.

Feminist art offers new perspectives and challenges society. The trailblazing female artists behind the genre? They made the art world what it is today.

We speak to a modern feminist artist on what that label really means in today’s world, the creative process behind her imaginative and sublime collages, and more.

Discover what modern polymath Alice Bucknell discovered from three months of co-creating with AI, radical unlearning, and pursuing survival as a collaborative project.

Jazz music has come a long way, evolving from a male-dominated genre into an even playing ground for all. Sound of Life presents the decade’s greatest female jazz singers.

Learn about Berlin-based sound artist Christine Sun Kim’s education and personal life and discover a selection of her notable works.

For a film primarily about music, there is little of it in ‘Tar’. The few composed scores by Hildur Gudnadottir however, have a surreal appeal to them.

Fresh off the launch of her new album Two Sisters, Sarah Davachi talks about her emotional journey in music – and the take away from her projects.

Learn more about the Turner Prize-winning sound artist Susan Philipsz and discover some of her most popular works of sound art.

Grammy-nominated composer Missy Mazzoli talks to us about her earliest inspirations, the insanity of creating an opera, and efforts to democratise her industry.

In celebration of women (including all who identify with that term), we look at female sound artists around the world.