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The Sound of Craftsmanship

Making – whether it’s a Rolls-Royce, a sterling silver pen, or extruded plastic furniture pieces – is a multisensory experience. The Sound of Craftsmanship explores the sonic cues, inspirations and wares of expert makers.

The Craft of Silence | Rolls-Royce ft. Dave Monks

Rolls-Royce has a signature brand sound: silence. But, a very particular silence. We meet Dave Monks, engineer, who uses some unexpected sounds to fine-tune the experience behind the wheel.

The Musicality of Metal | Adi Toch

We meet metalsmith Adi Toch, whose mainly silver and copper vessels sit somewhere between a domestic object and artwork, they often create or even interact with sounds in charming, playful ways.

Afrobeat into Art | Yinka Ilori

We meet artist Yinka Ilori, whose playfully bright style has been applied to everything from chairs, to playgrounds, to public infrastructure. Drawing from his Nigerian heritage, his work is inspired from music by the likes of Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey.

Machine Focus | James Michael Shaw

Designer James Shaw not only creates objects and furniture, he creates the material they’re made from. His best-known works are made of extruded post-consumer plastics: ostensibly saved from a destiny of centuries in a landfill, the plastic is dyed with pigments, and shaped into playfully weird but hard-working, functional pieces.