Rising Sounds

How does an emerging artist spread their sound? With Manchester International Festival, we’re bringing ten rising voices to the forefront. Get into the minds of creatives – spoken word poets, classical pianists, cultural sound artists, and more – from the sometimes hidden, sometimes fringe corners of the city.

Frustrated with her day job and feeling unfulfilled, Catherine Burgis decided during the pandemic to pursue her passion at age 35. Her story is one made possible thanks to MIF Sounds – now, Test Card Girl is on to bigger and better things.

Though a newcomer on the scene, SIBZ explores altered states of consciousness and non-binary struggles, alternating hard beats with mind-expanding soundscapes. Discover their journey through uncharted sonic territories with MIF Sounds.

Bringing to life timeless sounds reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, Mali Hayes confidently transcends musical genres in her own unique blend of jazz, R&B, and futuristic hip-hop. Discover what Mali Hayes has in store with MIF Sounds.

Music both mesmerising and energetic is a rare find. Yet, Dirty Freud has crafted an expansive, ambitious sound fit for clubgoers and meditative listeners alike. With MIF Sounds, the electro bass outfit is ready to expand their sonic palette.

Sam Malik has been involved in the creative industry for over 15 years, honing incredible skills to help musicians navigate the industry. For him, the power of MIF Sounds is the validation it brings to his next challenge.

Classically trained artist Edane Ng is a singular pianist, using her sound to raise awareness of world issues. Discover how she plans to combine her music and digital animation into one immersive, coherent experience with MIF Sounds.

Obeka blends Manchester’s underground club scene with the hypnotic powers of Afro-Caribbean sounds. Discover his journey to MIF Sounds 2022 and what he hopes to achieve with their support.

Spoken word poet, writer, and musician Bitez transcends different creative fields, but her creations feel powerfully coherent. Discover her journey to MIF Sounds 2022 and what she hopes to achieve with their support.

In collaboration with Manchester International Festival, we’re exploring the unbound creativity of the UK’s creative hub from corners brought to the light by MIF Sounds.