A series of stories exploring the reaches of sound and its influence on craftsmanship, creativity and beyond.

Latest Stories

KEF X Monocle 24: The Power Of Sound With Johnnie Burn

Known for his stark and bold style of mixing, sound designer Johnnie Burn derives his unique approach to sound by tuning into the inherent musicality found in everyday objects, and the world of wonder that they can inspire.

KEF X Monocle 24: The Power Of Sound With Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers chose the profession of sound engineering for its logic and practicality, yet her career has been a tale in artistry, having been responsible for fine-tuning the music of collaborators like Prince.

Featured Series

The Power of Sound

What does sound mean to the individuals who make a living – and have made a life – from it? Find out as we unpack their unique soundtracks, and the explore ability of sound to change the way we listen to the world around us.

Sound Of Inspirations

What inspires creativity? Different as the answers may be, one thing is for sure – sound can be a powerful source of great ideas. We shine a spotlight on some of the brightest minds in the creative world.

Sound Of Cities

The best way to experience a city is to listen to it. From New York to London to Thailand, this series weaves a symphony of city sounds and its marvelous melodies, creating one-of-a-kind audio sculptures.

LCW x KEF: Sound of Craftsmanship

Making – whether a Rolls Royce or plastic furniture – is always a multisensory experience. In appreciation of creativity and craftsmanship, this inspiring series explores the relationship between sound and maker.