A series of stories exploring the reaches of sound and its influence on craftsmanship, creativity and beyond.

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With an ever-growing love for the arts, it’s no surprise that Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, is one of the must-visit places for art lovers.

Matt Maltese takes us on a track-by-track ride through an emotional rollercoaster ride into his new album ‘Driving Just To Drive’.

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Journey Through Sound

Join us as we venture into new realms – where physical meets digital, code meets creation. Explore the physical and generative spaces of art around the world, and experience them coming together in revolutionary forms.

Join us as we venture into new realms, where the physical and generative worlds of art come together in revolutionary creations and pioneering forms.

Embark on a journey to places you never knew existed. Meet creators and characters who have preferred to fly under the radar – all for the love of music.

In celebration of Record Store Day, we’re touring iconic stores around the world and exploring the past and future of these music world hallmarks.

This Earth Month, meet artists championing our planet, delve into the world of field recording and discover more stories behind the inseparable ties of nature and sound.

This International Women's Day, we’re celebrating the achievements and future of women in sound. Explore the stories of women in music, art, film and more.

What happens when you really listen in close? Discover unique sound designers and artists shaping soundscapes in Sound Makers, and sit down with cultural pioneers to dive into the impact of sound in Sounds That Made Me.

How does an emerging artist spread their sound? With Manchester International Festival, we’re getting into the minds of spoken word poets, cultural sound artists, and more from hidden corners of the city.

What does sound mean to the individuals who make a living – and have made a life – from it? Find out as we unpack their unique soundtracks, and the explore ability of sound to change the way we listen to the world around us.

What inspires creativity? Different as the answers may be, one thing is for sure – sound can be a powerful source of great ideas. We shine a spotlight on some of the brightest minds in the creative world.

The best way to experience a city is to listen to it. From New York to London to Thailand, this series weaves a symphony of city sounds and its marvelous melodies, creating one-of-a-kind audio sculptures.

Making – whether a Rolls Royce or plastic furniture – is always a multisensory experience. In appreciation of creativity and craftsmanship, this inspiring series explores the relationship between sound and maker.