Sound Of Inspirations

What inspires creativity? Some people draw from the aural cues of bustling cities, while there are others who do their best work with music playing in the background. Different as the answers may be, one thing is for sure – sound can be a powerful source of great ideas. In Sound Of Inspiration, we shine a spotlight on some of the brightest minds in the creative world and find out what sparks their imagination.  

A Tale Of Romance Written In Lace | Caroline Hu

Talented young designer Caroline Hu is carving out a new space for the romantic yet strong-willed modern woman in her much-lauded designs. Delve into Hu’s thoughts on the biggest challenges of her early career, repurposing old into new, and how she defines the Caroline Hu woman.

All Is Fair In Fashion And Sound | CHENPENG

Best known for his unique, one-size approach to fashion, young designer Chen Peng is blazing a trail towards inclusivity while bringing out the inimitable beauty within each individual. Here, Chen speaks to SOL about how he designed for autism, the lasting impact of Alexander McQueen, and how sound and music can connect wearers with the designer’s true intent.

Designing By The Starlight Of Cantopop | DEMO

Growing up in the wake of Hong Kong’s Cantopop dream, designer Derek Chan was deeply influenced by the anti-normative gender displays of the likes of Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, with his designs for his fashion label DEMO translating them into an expression of soft masculinity. Learn what it means to him to stand out in a crowd, the history of unconventional gender roles, and the changing nature of self-expression over time.

What’s Old Is New Again | Children Of The Discordance

A prolific hand at transforming vintage fabrics into covetable items of menswear, Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama speaks about the rich tapestry of music that he weaves together in his clothing. He speaks to us about why music is his true muse, the relationship between vintage fabrics and sustainability, and which song he identifies with the most.

An Order Of Fashion With A Side Of Music | ASAI

Don’t underestimate British-Asian designer A Sai Ta’s takeaway-inspired packaging; within it lies a beautiful world exploring heritage, class and culture within fashion. We speak to the founder of ASAI on how fashion externalises the internal, how representation and counter-culture shapes his designs, and the emotive effect of music on fashion.

Breaking The Internal Barrier Through Sound And Fashion | STAFFONLY

Having won a following for their witty and fun menswear, designers Une Yea and Shimo Zhou of STAFFONLY are finding new ways to leave a lasting impression in an age of upheaval. Hear their thoughts on the lasting impact of COVID-19 on their fashion design and how music and fashion can both be conduits to emotion.

Tailored Feminism And The Intersection Of Sound | J KOO

While studying menswear at the esteemed Central Saint Martins, Jinwoo Choi and YeonJoo Kim decided to create J KOO to incorporate traditional tailoring techniques into womenswear. Find out how their approach to splicing tradition carries over to their taste in music.

Reimagining Fashion Through Gender And Music | BLINDNESS

As the rising stars of the South Korean fashion scene, KyuYong Shin and JiSun Park launched BLINDNESS with a vision to upend traditional male and female wardrobes. Hear from this dynamic young duo on how they intend to break down existing binaries both in gender and music.

Designs Propelled By A Dynamic Dialogue | Simon Mitchell And Torquil McIntosh

As co-founders of design and architecture studio Sybarite, Simon Mitchell and Torquil McIntosh work wonderfully in tandem. Yet, the music driving their creativity differs like night and day.

Harnessing Aural Cues To Power Good Design | Deyan Sudjic

In design, the addition of sound can be as powerful as its subtraction. Its power to play across senses other than sight, according to British writer and broadcaster Deyan Sudjic, is what distinguishes the ‘good’ from the ‘best’.

Art Born Of Sound And Structure In Harmony | Morag Myerscough

Morag Myerscough’s work is bright, bold and unapologetically fun. Her recent Hong Kong installation, titled “Make Those Who Are Near Happy”, is all that and more, but more importantly, it incorporates sound in the most creative of ways.

Building On The Respect For Sound | Thomas Heatherwick

Sound and feeling are one and the same for Thomas Heatherwick. His design practice mirrors this philosophy, creating complex structures that focus on the auditory aspects of spatial experience.

Connecting People And Lives Through Sound | Paul Priestman

As an industrial designer, Paul Priestman moves people around cities, through space and over water. Drawing from sound, he builds aural conditions into redefining lifescapes.