Soundtrack: Earth

From the hush of gently breaking waves to the whistling of sand in the desert, sound and our planet have never existed without each other. This Earth Month, we’re introducing you to artists championing our planet, the world of field recording, and more stories behind the inseparable ties of nature and sound.

The ability of documentary scores to capture the brilliant spectrum of drama in the natural world and transform it into music is simply magical.

Rivers have defined the history of humanity, so it’s not surprising that they also play a crucial role in shaping music around the world.

In celebration of Earth Month, learn about the artists and their artworks advocating for sustainability and active social change.

The beauty of field recordings lies in sonic nuances found within a vibrant, unpredictable world – of which sound artists meticulously capture.

Discover the beautiful photography works by Claudia Andujar, who has been committed to the protection of the Yanomami people since the 1970s.

Coming from our planet’s surface, the ocean depths and even outer space, here’s a look at the strangest sounds heard around the world.

Michael Heizer, one of the leading figures of land art, is known for his use of natural materials like stone in monumental, awe-inspiring sculptures.

A new trio of audiovisual works, The Landscape Series, explore Ireland’s rock, river and sea in fascinatingly personal ways.

Scientists have recorded and recreated space sounds for years, with the help of the latest sonic discoveries – plus some pretty nifty technology.

Composer Ilan Eshkeri unveils the journey and process behind his cosmic creation for Space Station Earth.

Recording under the pseudonym Vladislav Delay, Finnish musician Sasu Ripatti’s hybrid sound worlds explore geological deep time and the apocalypse.

Can music help us better understand the climate crisis? Scientists are now pairing up with musicians to turn flat data into elaborate compositions

Nicholas Dallwitz, aka Florigenix, talks about his connection with the environment and how he translates it into immersive audio-visual content.

Armed with a field recorder, a sampler, and filled to the brim with curiosity, 32-year-old musician, composer, producer, and acoustic ecologist Cosmo Sheldrake makes music out of the natural world around us.