Spotlight Sessions

Music and sound live all around us, playing the soundtrack to every moment and every day. But what happens when you really listen in close? Meet the unique artists and sound designers shaping our everyday soundscapes, and dive deep with experts and cultural pioneers into the moments of sound that have changed them.

Composer and journalist Alyx Jones looks back at the impact that the soundtrack of cult video game Journey has had on her own story.

How a band comprised of underrepresented faces empowered journalist Zab Mustefa to stand up to discrimination throughout her council estate upbringing.

Jenessa Williams recounts how the British rock band beat her then-favourite band McFly to the top of the charts, kicking off a series of fortunate events in the process.

Responsible for the award-winning sound design of survival horror game Alien: Isolation, audio director Mark Angus shares how players’ imaginations become the weapon behind its scariest moments.

Having grown up fully immersed in music, the multi-instrumentalist and producer explains how he dates a song just from the drum track alone.

When you have an infinite number of beats at your fingertips, it can get pretty overwhelming. Watch how up-and-coming professional finger drummer Gnarly has made an art out of a sea of sounds.

As one of the pre-eminent sound artists in the world, Yorkshire native Jez riley French gives the often overlooked sounds in our everyday environment their time in the sun.